They Believe!

This is one of my favorite photos of all time.

I took it 23 years ago while covering the Schlumberger Family Christmas Party. I was the freelance newsletter editor at the time and was there to take pictures for the employee publication Newsline. The company put on a great family event, so I took my sons Thomas, 6, and Patrick, 3, along for the ride.

On the way to the company headquarters on I-45 near the University of Houston, I overheard Thomas tell his little brother, “Now this is not going to be the real Santa.” Knowing how the employee who played Santa each year looked perfect for the part, I told them that yes, indeed, Schlumberger always had the real Santa.

I love the twinkle in their eyes. Can you tell they believe?

Here they are 23 years later celebrating the holiday with their grandmother, uncle and little brother Byron in Jefferson on Christmas Eve Eve 2011.

Merry Christmas everyone!  May you always believe in the joy and wonder of the miracle at Christmas!


One thought on “They Believe!

  1. This is the most wonderful story and photo. I love when children are happily surprised when they believe in miracles.

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