Blame It On Facebook!


Pam Torma and Ike   

Nick Scroggins and Abbey

   TOP: Pam Torma and Ike  BOTTOM: Nick Scroggins and Abbey

I love the different types of connections the new social media allows. Thanks to Facebook, I’ve reconnected with friends from high school and college, not to mention former employees and current business colleagues. What can happen as a result of those connections is amazing. Consider this story:

“Tracy is going to pick up a Boston Terrier puppy for her son to surprise his wife on Christmas!” That was my status update on Facebook two days before Christmas.

Not too much later, my friend and business colleague, Charlotte Scroggins, replied that she loved Boston Terriers and that her family had two of them. As it turned out, the puppy I had located was in Sugar Land, where Charlotte lives, so one thing led to another and I picked up Charlotte to go look at the puppies with me on Christmas Eve. It just happened to be her son Nick’s 24th birthday and he was home visiting with his Boston Terrier, so I guess you can guess the end of the story! As we got into my car with two of the cutest little Boston Terrier puppies you’ll ever see, I told Charlotte to blame it on Facebook!


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